The quality of our products begins in the field

With special care the varieties of seeds are chosen, which are subjected to a rigorous selection and disinfection process. Then they are placed in special germinators until they are ready to be moved to nurseries and from there to the field.

The sowing is done with careful attention and respecting all technical and environmental standards. Every hectare of our cultivation extensions is permanently controlled by agronomists to meet the quality conditions that our products demand.

The Ecuadorian worker is the most important resource of INAEXPO. That is why we have as Company policy not to hire minors and compensate them according to current labor laws. We also have training plans and constantly motivate our staff, who provide the crops with the protection and care necessary to harvest healthy and vigorous plants.

Through a constant policy of research and development, we incorporate natural and organic elements both for the nutrition of plants and for the control of pests and diseases.

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